Deep Insights Sprint

You have quantitative data but you don’t know the WHY of the problem you’re seeing, and don’t have the skills on board to get deep insights. You need to level up quickly and can’t afford to slow down to move forward.


With 15+ years experience in user research, I know the quickest ways to get the best data that you can take action on. I will work with your team to outline what you need to learn and go learn it - without taking your team off task. This research will provide you with a clear set of outputs to inform your product strategy.

Example questions answered:

  • Where is my product falling short of user expectations?

  • Do we have the right value proposition?

  • Are we delivering on our value proposition?

  • Why am I having trouble getting interest in my product?

  • Why am I having trouble engaging or closing customers who appear interested?

  • What steps do we need to take next to meet our business goals?

How it works

  • I meet with your stakeholders and SME’s in your organization to understand your key questions, the domain, and related business goals.

  • I outline a plan with clear objectives, methodology and approach for alignment and approval.

  • I will recruit participants working with your customer list, or an external recruitment agency if necessary.

  • I moderate and record all sessions. Anyone from the team is welcome (and encouraged!) to listen in live.

  • I produce and present findings and next steps to your team.

  • This process takes minimal time from your team; I work quickly and drive things independently.

Deliverables & Outcomes

  • Alignment among your team around key problem areas.

  • Focused research plan that aligns stakeholders and staff around priorities.

  • Recordings of all interviews.

  • Findings document with clear next steps.

Time & Cost

  • I work QUICKLY. Most results are complete in 2-4 weeks depending on size, complexity, and ability to access participants.

  • Plans begin at $15k.

2- 4 weeks; Plans start at $15k

Research & Learning Sprint

  • Are you asking customers for “feedback” or asking them what they “want"?

  • Or, are you shipping things but relying on surveys and NPS scores to know if customer are happy?

If you’re doing either or none of this at all, you’re getting faulty data which can send your product strategy awry - a risk you cannot afford.

Many product managers talk to customers, but they don’t realize they are participating in a data collection process and tainting the data along the way. I can quickly teach your team how to get good data and how to get it quickly, as well as incorporate this into their process.

Furthermore, in today’s competitive hiring landscape, cross-training product and engineering teams in ux research increases their value and contributes to their career development, whilst also making your entire team smarter and more customer-driven.

How it works

  • I meet with stakeholders to outline goals and participants.

  • Week One

    • On-site 1-day workshop with product team about design thinking and the significance and correct approach of user research.

    • We’ll review the chosen problem space and identify clear goals, outlining a plan and a script.

    • We’ll begin recruitment of users for research.

  • Week Two

    • Culling and presenting findings.

    • Working with how to include this and other types of research into product development process.

Deliverables / Outcomes

  • Your team has the skills to design and execute effective ux research.

  • Boilerplate templates for Research Plans, findings, and other research assets.

  • Recordings and findings for any research conducted, with next steps.

  • Ability to incorporate research into product development process.

  • Potential for ongoing 1:1 and/or team coaching at a discounted rate.

Time & Cost

  • Research & Learning sprints are 2 weeks, plus or minus a few planning days.

  • Plans are created based on team size and business value, but start at $10k.

2 Weeks; Plans start at $10k.

Design Sprints

The goal of a design sprint is to identify a sticky problem area and quickly ideate around it to get a sense of the right direction to move in. I’ll come in an facilitate a sprint with your existing cross-functional team of 7 or less people.


  • Your team will level up quickly around a problem space, getting much more clarity around an unknown area

  • Design sprints, which involve collaborative ideation, typically gel a team - it’s a team-building exercise as much as it is a way to jam on a problem space

  • Your team will become familiar with team collaboration as well as guerrilla style user-research, both important skills for cross-functional team fluidity and customer-centered product development.

Design Sprint Schedule (I typically follow the Google Ventures approach to design sprints; but adapt it for each company. )


  • Meeting to discuss:

  • Who stakeholder(s) is/are

    1. What their goal is with the Design Sprint

    2. What the team’s goal is, if different in any way

    3. Planned group sessions: identify necessary participants, times, rooms & resources needed

    4. Anticipated challenges

Day 1: Understand

  • Identify a long-term goal

  • Create a map of the user journey / experience involving that goal

  • Ask the Experts - bring in SME’s of all sorts to gain clarity around the problem space

  • Identify a piece of the problem that you can focus on for the sprint

Day 2: Ideate

  • Review problem space

  • Review similar solutions

  • Design studio - facilitated sketch session

  • Begin recruiting customers - usually 5-6 customers

Day 3: 

  • Facilitated conversations to converge on the strongest solutions from Day 2 Sketch session

  • Begin Solutioning - creating a prototype

  • Begin to draft a test plan

Day 4:

  • Complete Prototype

  • Finalize Recruits for test

  • Finalize Test Plan

Day 5:

  • User Testing - moderated and observed together

Post Sprint

  • Prepare high-level deck of findings & recommendations

  • Meeting to discuss / review

1.5 Weeks; Plans start at $9k


Workshops, design sprints, and any combination of research and training, as well as bespoke 1:1 and team coaching and training sessions also available. Contact me to design the right thing for your needs.