Old - Case Studies - 2018

Selected Case Studies

Meetup / Product Pivot


Meetup had a mobile app in-market that was failing to adequately engage users. They wanted to learn why, identify priorities for a new application, and resolve internal differences about key strategies.


My engagement on this product was purely in the problem-definition stage, and not the product development stage. As a consultant in this role, I helped Meetup identify which questions they needed to answer, and designed and oversaw a research plan to help them learn. This plan included user research, customer journey mapping, and stakeholder research, which coalesced varying beliefs about product strategy within the leadership team, and identified areas of misalignment they needed to fix to execute a smooth product launch. 

User Research, User Experience Strategy, Stakeholder Research


Ollie / New Product Development


Ollie is a new pet food product backed by Primary Ventures. Aside from product quality, their key differentiator is customer experience, in which they want to make the process of selecting and procuring pet food not only painless but completely delightful.


Working with a cross-functional team as the User Experience designer on the project, we developed an approach of prototyping and guerilla-style market testing to understand what would be on the minds of their target market, and what sort of experience would be easy and delightful to use. In conjunction with the visual design team, we iterated on UI concepts until we determined a playful yet efficient way to get the information we needed to make a personalized recommendation and take all the work off the consumer.

User Research, User Experience Design / Visual Design by Communal


TheLadders / iOS & Android Apps


TheLadders needed to make an entry into the mobile landscape, and we used the shift in platform as an opportunity to start moving users beyond the standard search/apply paradigm. 


Our solution focused on matching the right candidates to the right position, then letting them express interest. The result is a mobile-friendly solution for users – not having to type in an open search – and a better solution for recruiters, who favor qualified candidates who also have some level of intent to change positions. The emails sent by a user ‘liking’ a job have a 47% open rate and a 51% click-thru rate. Finally, the solution incentivizes immediate contact, which is more successful for everyone. 

We took a unique “lean” approach to building the product, which I’ve spoken about here.

Design Direction, Product Strategy, User Experience, User Research, Visual Design


Knewton / Platform Development


Knewton is a disruptor in the education space, offering an adaptive learning API and game-based UX strategy. 

Although there are many online learning tools, research showed that none were adaptive, and almost all failed to engage students. These two challenges were distinctions Knewton set out to deliver on as we rebuilt our adaptive learning platform from the ground up.


After conducting user research which included data analysis, competitive analysis, non-directed interviews, and ethnographic studies of students, we set a product strategy into motion. The cornerstone was a game-like experience with short content bursts, quick wins, a breadth-and-depth-incentivized point and badge strategy, and a focus on positive reinforcement. A true platform, the site consists of a core experience with modular parts, configurable and theme-able for business partners (education institutions, content providers) to plug in their own learning material and deliver a branded adaptive learning experience to their students.

Design Direction, User Research, User Experience Design


NikeID / Web Application 



Nike sought to create the next-generation e-commerce experience for the NikeiD site, which allows consumers to custom-design, personalize and purchase footwear and gear. 


At R/GA, I helped redesign nikeid.com into a premium, e-commerce experience that for the first time united the iD brand globally.

Visual Design, Animation