Hi, I’m Michelle.

I will help you quickly level-up to build more effective, user-centered products.


Digital Product Research, Design & Coaching

Products are solutions to problems, and understanding those problems, analyzing the opportunities within them, and developing strategic solutions is my specialty. My practice is data-driven, risk-mitigated, and embodied with a passion for excellence. I work with agile / lean teams in both startups and large companies. I help my clients determine who their market is, what their needs are, and how to develop the right product for them; I also teach them how to do this for themselves.


I operate with a strong set of beliefs:

Collaborative is better. We make better things when we leverage each other.

Learn as soon as possible. Your ideas are hypotheses, which if wrong are expensive mistakes. How can you learn if they’re right, asap?

Understand the problem before you try to solve it. Solutions are hard, especially so if you’re not crystal clear on exactly what’s wrong.

Outcomes over process. Shiny powerpoint decks and pretty design files don’t keep your business afloat. Let’s focus on impact.

Quality counts. Loving the things you use is almost as important as what it does. Making it great is important.

The right way is the one that works for you. Leverage all the best thinking but don’t get caught in the dogma trap.

No Assholes. Life’s too short.


“Michelle is the gold standard for UX consulting and training.”

Melissa Perri, CEO Produx Labs


How I can help

I take on a variety of project work including Product & User Research, Product Design, Facilitation, Workshops and Coaching. Please contact me to discuss your needs and see how I can help.

Below are some common engagement types I offer clients.


Deep Insights Sprints

Perfect for: Growth-stage startups; New Product Development

You have quantitative data but you don’t know the WHY of the problem you’re seeing, and don’t have the skills on board to get deep insights. You need to level up quickly and can’t afford to slow down to move forward. I can get you quick but deep answers which will inform your product strategy so you can make real impact.

2- 4 weeks; Plans start at $15k

Research & Learning Sprint

Perfect for: Teams who are operating off feedback but want to learn how to do real user research

Are you asking customers for “feedback” or asking them what they “want"? Or, are you shipping things but relying on surveys and NPS scores to know if customer are happy? If you’re doing either or none of this at all, you’re getting faulty data which can send your product strategy awry - a risk you cannot afford. I can teach your team how to gather real data that will make an impact.

2-3 Weeks; Plans start at $10k.

Design Sprints

Perfect for: Exploring a pivot / new product idea; gelling a team so they work more fluidly

The goal of a design sprint is to identify a sticky problem area and quickly ideate around it to get a sense of the right direction to move in. I’ll come in an facilitate a sprint with your existing cross-functional team of 7 or less people.

1.5 Weeks; Plans start at $9k


“Michelle is a unique talent. She excels equally in design, leadership and product strategy …I’ve witnessed her strengths first hand and know her to be an asset to every organization she works with.”

Jeff Gothelf, Author Lean UX and Sense & Respond


On Working with Me

Michelle is a unique talent. She excels equally in design, leadership and product strategy allowing her to work effectively with product teams as well as board room teams. As former colleagues, I’ve witnessed her strengths first hand and know her to be an asset to every organization she works with.
— Jeff Gothelf, Author Lean UX and Sense & Respond
Michelle is the gold standard for excellent UX consulting and training. We’ve worked together on numerous projects from training and coaching teams in UX and User Research foundations, to diving in to provide much needed user research support to a client that was short handed. Every client has been blown away by her expertise and invaluable insights. We always look for chances to work with Michelle again.
— Melissa Perri, CEO Produx Labs
Michelle is an outstanding and rare talent who has been invaluable to us in our product design process. She brings a potent mix of real-world experience, discipline with diplomacy, and satisfying creative solutions. She’s a great listener and communicator, and has raised the quality of our products tremendously. She is simply great at what she does.
— Daniel Seltzer, CTO, The Credit Junction
Michelle is a rare breed—she’s like hiring a team. She’s helped me create new products, crack tough UX nuts, pushed visual design envelopes, and solved tough product problems. Try finding a single person who can do all of those well.
— Brian Fitzgerald, Founder & CEO of Tinkergarten
Michelle is completely dedicated to doing a project the right way and committed to doing whatever it takes to get it done. She has the very unique ability to work independently or as part of a larger team with the same success. She will problem solve and try new things when faced with unexpected challenges. Michelle is passionate and knowledgeable about design from many perspectives—as a consumer of and commentator on beautiful design and photography, with an exquisite taste and style in her work and self expression.
— Andy Davidhazy, Independent Creative Director
Michelle is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a great gift for thinking through complex user flows and coming up with simple, streamlined solutions. She is extremely responsive to all needs and always ensures that her projects are 100% at all phases from design to final implementation.
— Julie Roche, Co-founder & CEO of Burbio.com
Michelle is an amazing product designer. She ticks every box you would expect from a highly talented product designer – a creative problem solver with an eye for design, a great listener who builds empathy for users, the ultimate professional with a disciplined approach that allows her to pull the best out of everyone she collaborates with, and an openness to collaborate with product development teams and business stakeholders. She does not shy away from tough problems or tough situations and expertly navigates internal processes to deliver amazing product designs. I would not hesitate to hire Michelle in the future and highly recommend her.
— Angie Hanna-Bugueiro, Director of Product Management, Gap Inc.